Play as the bad guys

The players' lair

In the project, players establish a secret base for plotting and storing treasures and relics. Their lair is subject to attacks by 24 distinct heroes, each with unique powers simplified for the game master’s ease. A system of perks enhances these powers. To defend their lair, players set traps, recruit henchmen, and engage in combat as lair bosses, the last line of defense against the invading heroes.

Playing Evil Characters

Villainous Champions of the Shadow Keep offer the chance to play as evil characters who organize secret operations to expand their influence. It’s not about encouraging murder hobo behavior! On the contrary, they work in the shadows to foment their plan, form alliances with other factions, and capture objects of power to sow chaos, overthrow those in power and block those pesky Heroes from foiling their dastardly designs!

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