Peculiar Discoveries : Magic Items and Companions For 5E

Dive into ‘Peculiar Discoveries,’ a rich expansion for 5E, boasting over 200 pages teeming with creativity. With 270+ magical items, 45+ companions, and 10 new mounts, this book is a treasure trove for adventurers and GMs alike. Revel in the quirky charm of unique companions and awaken your gameplay with themed magic items ranging from common to legendary, fit for every encounter. Choose your loot or let fate decide, making each session a realm of endless possibility.

Themed Magic Items



Companions are a huge part of our project. We have created two special decks for them, one for classic companions, one for awakened items.
Each small companion has minor powers and offers benefits to the party, adding a touch of fantasy and poetry to your  stories. They can follow  players during their adventures, become colorful NPCs, and much more. Each comes with their own unique quest and will give a bonus to players, but only if they help their new little friend. 
These creatures can soften the mood in even the gloomiest adventure, and provide unexpected friendships to flourish in your games! 

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